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Risky Business – How to reduce the blood, sweat and tears

You probably read our customer emails because you are curious about what we are up to. That’s great, because we can offer you the chance to be a Reseller of our services or, alternatively, a Referrer.
All development agencies know how difficult it is to redevelop websites for clients - the challenges are manifold.
Most online retailers are expert at what they do, but they don’t know much about building online stores. They press the best possible price, but are unaware of the consequences of cutting corners.

The end result is that important things tend to get overlooked when designs are updated, content is migrated and platforms implemented.
If you run a small web agency, then this is an area where we can help. For just £375 plus VAT we can review your client’s online store and provide objective and independent information and advice regarding:
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the current website design.
  • The ability of the website to attract and convert traffic through all channels.
  • How to protect your clients search engine rankings.
  • How to measure the performance of the site before and after the project.
  • The main risks of undertaking the project.
We supply this information in a report - featuring your own brand - that you can share with your client and use when you and they make the important project decisions.

Phil and I have a strong reputation with our clients and agencies for being good to work with. You can trust us, we are pretty low on BS and we have a depth of expertise that may be of use to you in servicing your clients.
“I’ve worked with EcomEvolve on several client projects and the insights they have brought have been exceptional.” Chris Dicken – Random River  
“Phil and the team at EcomEvolve examines the nuts and bolts of eCommerce performance, from the analysis of website tracking data, Ad performance, Search Console data and website design. This data can highlight improvements in modifying user behaviour, user experience (UX) and an improved check out process. The bottom line is the data matches the hypothesis put forward so you can trust in it and we all like to work with a business you can trust.” Chris Longley Digital Media

And, if there are any other areas of the project that you would like us to contribute to, then we offer a discounted rate of £350 per day for additional work. However, if you decide to refer us and we win business, we will pay you 15% of the revenue from the first twelve months’ work.
Have a great week!