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ArtiCAD Market Positioning Case Study

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"I had the opportunity to work with ArtiCAD at a critical time when it was setting out its store for future growth. It was an exciting time and I'm very proud of what we did and how it has helped the company to prosper ever since." Mark

Great CAD Software

ArtiCAD's kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design software, online room planner, online room styler and design presentation technologies are used by thousands of retailers, manufacturers and designers to inspire customers and help secure sales.

For the first ten years of trading ArtiCAD sold excellent CAD software and the business grew well in spite of strong competition. When asked what they sold they said 'CAD software for the  KBB - Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom - designer market'. They had a great product but their proposition wasn't that different from others.

A Unique Sales Tool

When looking for ways to differentiate their offering it became clear that it was the speed of the software that was particularly attractive to customers as they could more quickly change designs for their customers and that made the sales process a little easier. It was a genuine USP and ArtiCAD the 'Sales Tool' was born.

"Mark worked with us for many years, helping us develop our business. He was instrumental in helping ArtiCAD to focus on this proposition which has been important to the development of the business over the past ten years.

"Once you are clear about how you are positioned in the market you can make clearer decisions about new products and offerings.

"ArtiCAD now has a number of complementary 'sales tools' that have made us market leaders."

Richard Turner, ArtiCAD Founder & CEO

The bedroom image below is rendered from an ArtiCAD drawing - it is not a photograph - gives an idea of the quality of the photo-realistic output that ArtiCAD can produce.

ArtiCAD Visualisation

Extremely fast and easy to learn, ArtiCAD-Pro is currently used by thousands of professionals as a key part of their design and sales process to impress customers and secure more sales.

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