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Brand & Business Development Testimonials


‘Mark was invaluable in helping us to get our thoughts together on our strategy. He took a lot of unstructured input and ideas, then proposed a sensible synthesis which we were able to quickly agree on.

After the broad direction was agreed, he helped us to put more flesh on the bones and produced an implementation plan, pointing key gaps in our resourcing during the process.

Overall I would describe his approach as crisp, effective and sensible. I would thoroughly recommend Mark. I’m helped in this by having known Mark for many years and been familiar with his career.’

Chris Barling, Actinic


‘I've been in business now for 20 years, for much of that time although I was trading successfully I'd stopped growing. Whilst it took a while to persuade myself that I needed help I am very pleased to have worked with Mark Ballett.

He really helped me to see what my business was all about and what I had to do to move it on. He has given me a lot more confidence to make the changes necessary to move ahead again.

I'm already seeing the results, the last twelve months has been the best year ever for the business and that is during a recession. If you run a successful business but want a little help to see the way forward I'd recommend Mark.’

David Edwards, Marshall Double Glazing


‘Over the last 10 years we have built up a large loyal customer base and the ArtiCAD brand is well established and respected. However, we want to continue to grow and develop the business and it soon became apparent when we started working with Mark, and as a result of the Structured Business Review he did for us, that not only was there more potential for us but that we would have to change a few things in how we operated if we wanted to have a good chance of making the most of it. Mark Ballett is guiding us through these changes.

He manages our monthly team meetings and works closely helping us to resolve the issues that pop up at each stage. Working with Mark has not only made it clearer what we should be focusing our time, money and effort on, but it has given us all more confidence that we can achieve it.

If you own a good business and you want to make it better, I'd advise anyone to talk to Mark.’

Richard Turner, ArtiCAD


‘My business partner and I started this business 17 years ago and we have painstakingly built it into the most successful company in our sector in the South East. Over the past year or so Mark has helped us to see it has greater potential still and what we have to do to take advantage of it.

Mark Ballett has helped us to reposition our brand, as well as helping us to become more marketing led. Mark has given us confidence to move forward and we have also needed to adjust to new ways of working.

You need different skills to manage a bigger business and you need to adapt as the business grows or else you start to become a constraint on what you can achieve. Mark has helped us to see this and to do something about it and he continues to work with us to make it happen.

You'd be hard pushed to find better help if you run a successful business and want to not only make the best of it but also protect what you have achieved to date.’

Mike Felt, Bright A Blind


‘I started working with Mark Ballett in 2005 and since then he has helped me to focus and plan the best way to develop the business, and worked alongside me as we have grown. He encouraged me to focus on a particular area of what we were doing and also to move quickly.

This required raising some more funds which we have now done, with his help. The business has grown by 50% per annum for the past two years and Mark continues to help me to keep it growing and moving forward and protect what we have achieved.

I recently gave him a reference on an online directory under the headline "Good for Growing Businesses" and described him as - personable, good value, high integrity.

I run a successful business but we work with Mark because he is a valued sounding board for most of the important decisions that come along and he and his company also help me to implement them.’

Keith Pollard, Intuition Communications