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We have worked with many start-ups and use our experience to give ecommerce entrepreneurs the best chance of success. 

If you are new to ecommerce, or you are building your first online store after trading on Amazon, or elsewhere, we have an affordable start-up package based on Shopify.

With our comprehensive help and support you will feel much more confident and avoid costly risks and wasted time. Our start-up package includes:

  • Help with positioning the product in your market.
  • All design and copy-writing.
  • Store build and testing.
  • Training in how to self-manage the site going forward.
  • Setting-up Google Analytics.
  • Setting-up Google Business and put you on the map.
  • Going live and one month's support to make sure you are fully happy with the site.
  • An outline marketing plan of how to get traffic to your site.

We Literally Wrote the Book

In 2013 Mark wrote a book that set out the process we use to grow and develop businesses.

Build Your Ultimate Business In 100 Days contains four workbooks of practical advice on what to do if you are just getting started, have been running your business for decades, or stages in between. Each one has its own unique problems and opportunities but the underlying business development process is pretty generic and applies to any business. 

'Mark Ballett has written another great easy read book that gives so much practical and positive advice that you really shouldn't go into business without it. I have started 3 of my own business's and still learnt so much. His advice just makes sense. The ideas are sensible, practical and above all will create successful, positive business planning. Buy and learn!!'

More than 25,000 copies have been downloaded from Kindle and you can buy it on Amazon today. Later this year an updated ecommerce version written by Mark & Phil will be published.


We can help you to build a basic website for your business for just £495 plus VAT. No one can guarantee you success, but we help you to find the focus you need to give the best chance of success and a website that speaks to your credibility.

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