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We can manage all aspects of your email marketing, including list building, segmentation, AB testing, sending and response analytics.

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of maintaining and building on an existing customer relationship but, like so many online activities, it has to be done well by people who have done it many times before, to get the best results.

Why Email Marketing?

If you sell online you need to keep in touch with your customers by email. It was once discretionary, but it is now essential. Why? Because, post Lockdown, the online retail space has got much more competitive. So, you need to remind your customers why you still exist and why they should still buy from you. See our recent article on the subject.

How We Work

We often manage email marketing for our clients and these are some of our most important considerations:

  • You need explicit permission, in order to comply with GDPR rules, to add someone's name to a mailing list if they are not already a customer. If you don't have it, don't send them anything. It's perfectly acceptable to email past customers, as long as you give them the option to unsubscribe.
  • List size, content and organisation is critical to a good email marketing programme. Working out how to grow the list with the right people is very important.
  • Not everyone wants the same messages from you, so don't just send the same email to everyone. You need to segment the list so that you can send the right message to the most receptive people.
  • Choose interesting content. You don't want it to seem like spam: It should be of value, interest, or useful. Get this right you'll have a loyal online audience who will come back for more.
  • Open rates, sales conversions, and unsubscribes are critical feedback from email marketing campaigns and need to be captured in a Customer Database.
  • Always use A/B testing, on everything. It will make a big difference to the results.

Retailers want to see that all this effort and cost is worth it, so rigorous analysis and reporting is required so we can show the return for every pound spent.

There is a lot more involved in sending out emails than sending out emails and if you would like to discuss how we do it, and how we could help you, please get in touch.

Also, look at this recent Email Marketing Case Study.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our email marketing service is comprehensive and starts at £350+VAT per month for regular monthly mailings. If you would like to find out more about our online services, please contact us for a free consultation using the form below.

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