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Phil Rothwell

Phil Rothwell - Co-Founder of EcomEvolve

Three years ago, I quit my job as MD of Sellerdeck, an ecommerce software company based in Surrey.

I did it because over the preceding years I had become fascinated with online marketing. In particular, its potential to enable companies to build strong relationships with their customers, provide them with a good service and grow profits.

This embarrassingly high level of enthusiasm is probably because my career began before the Internet was a thing. In those days conducting competitor research was quite difficult and measuring the impact of marketing activities was long, tedious and inaccurate.

Today, I can easily access the information I need to figure out what customers want, identify the best way of telling them where they can find it and remove every obstacle in their path to placing an order. I can speak to them regularly; share the things I know and find out what they think.

I decided that this was the work I loved and wanted to do all the time. The problem was that I am not a retailer. So, the only way to create my dream job was to find a business partner and set up the online marketing agency we now call EcomEvolve.

Looking at it now, it doesn’t add up to much of a business plan. But it has turned out to be a great adventure. I am a technical guy who enjoys marketing and analytics and I love almost every aspect of what I do. I am thrilled every time we deliver great results for our clients and enjoy watching them grow in the confidence that success brings.

Phil Rothwell
Co-Founder of EcomEvolve


Phil Rothwell is an ecommerce expert with more than 20 years’ experience helping retailers to sell online. He was there at the beginning of ecommerce and played a leading role in growing Actinic Software from dot com start-up to floatation on the London Stock Exchange.


Mark Ballett

Mark Ballett - Co-Founder of EcomEvolve

I was the partner that Phil decided to team up with. At the time, I was the Chairman of Sellerdeck and also looking for a change of scenery.

I've spent the last two decades helping entrepreneurs and their businesses grow and evolve. Prior to that, I managed companies in about every sector you can think of. I have had many successes, and some failures too, and learnt a lot from both.

I have an MBA, I studied Corporate Finance at The London Business School, and have been a Member of the Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Though I have been in general management roles I have always focused on branding and marketing and enjoy the challenge of helping our clients project themselves in the very competitive retail space we all operate in today. But marketing won't work on its own - you need to get the more technical aspects right too - and that is why Phil and I add up to more than the sum of the parts.

I have written a couple of books on business growth, and novels, so enjoy helping out with all aspects of marketing communications, from proposition development to copy-writing. I'd like to think I add a little creative flair to Phil's technical expertise and rigorous analysis.

Mark Ballett 

Co-Founder of EcomEvolve

Mark Ballett is an ecommerce branding expert with more than 25 years’ experience helping retailers to grow and evolve. He was Supply Director of Cable & Wireless, and CEO of several telecoms companies at the beginning of the internet era, played a leading role in an £80M broadband start up, as well as leading Norweb Telecom's growth from £10M to £100m turnover.

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