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Monthly Performance Reporting

Monthly reports 

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We can help you make more money and better investment decisions by giving you regular access to key data affecting your online store.

We can provide you with a monthly review of your online store, using a range of analysis sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Moz, the leading SEO software, with analysis and suggested actions. We explain the significance of all of the data.

Each report is tailored to your business and may include:

  • Sales analysis by channel, day, and time of day, category and geography.
  • Year on year, analysis and comparisons of the above.
  • Return on Investment form individual promotions, like pay-per-click, correlated with activity.
  • Traffic by source.
  • Site search statistics.
  • Goal completions
  • Landing page comparisons
  • Content viewed.
  • SEO
  • Keyword Performance
  • Crawl Issues
  • Coverage
  • Links found 

You might be surprised how much better you understand your business with this sort of data at your fingertips. We have also found that our clients are much more confident about investing when they can measure and see the results so quickly.

If you want to discuss further how we can help you better understand your weekly online performance, please get in touch.

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