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Monthly Sales Analysis & Dashboards

Would you like to have a better understanding or your online sales; how they compare month-on-month, by customer type, by product, for repeat and new customers?

Would you like to be able to easily interrogate your sales data? To ask questions like, ' Who were my top 25 customers last week and what did they buy?' And, ' How did they find me and what keywords were they searching for?'

Well you can with our proprietary Sales Analysis & Reporting Service which provides you with up-to-date information on all that, but also the tool that allows you to interrogate all of your sales data.

We start by helping you organise your data and categorise and connect it in a way that is most useful for making business decisions. Then, we agree with you the nature and type of reporting that will help you most. We then produce up-date-weekly, or monthly, report depending on your needs.

We don't just give the information you need, we present it diagrammatically, in an easy to understand format; we help you apply it and draw conclusions that allow you to make better business decisions by benchmarking what you are doing against the very best out there. Our data analysis will help you to make more use of the data you hold on your online store sales, visitors, customer journeys and much more. 

We can show the immediate effect of all your online marketing activity and promotions.

If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch. Also, see our Sales Analysis & Reporting Case Study.

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