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"When I migrated to Shopify, EcomEvolve improved our rankings and increased traffic and sales."

Simon Grey, Battersea Pen Home

We are independent ecommerce experts with 20 years’ experience of helping online retailers build create and promote online stores. To be successful, we have to work with a range of different ecommerce systems, which often have been in place for several years.

We often are asked to make recommendations, and when we do, we frequently direct clients to Shopify. Shopify is our preferred ecommerce platform for number reasons:

  • We have found the Shopify team to be transparent and easy to work with
  • Out of the box, Shopify is functionally rich and can be used by businesses of different types and sizes.
  • Shopify integrates your channels, giving you visibility of your whole business
  • It is extensible; when the inbuilt features do not meet your needs, you can install apps or build your own
  • It is affordable, whether you are creating a pop-up online store or running an established business

Perhaps the most important of all is that when you use Shopify you don’t have to worry about ecommerce, you can just get on with growing your business.

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