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Ecommerce Performance Review

Ecommerce Performance Review

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The key benefits of this service include:

  • Measure the performance of your website and business
  • Discover how well your email and paid marketing is performing
  • Identify design enhancements that will increase sales
  • Evaluate Google AdWords campaigns
  • Understand your customers

There has never been a time when retailers have access to so much data about their businesses. By integrating your online store with systems like Google Analytics, you can identify how and where your traffic comes from and how much of it you convert into sales.

The problem is that whilst viewing the information is simple, using it to identify how you can improve your online store is a lot more difficult. You need a combination of business, marketing and analytics skills to convert information into insights and insights into action.

How to Take Control

Sometimes that means paying specialists to review your analytics and make recommendations and we do this for many customers. However, with the investment of a little time, you can learn how to use the available tools yourself. You can then make your own judgements about what the experts say.

“I asked the guys at EcomEvolve to enhance my knowledge of Google Analytics and was not disappointed. Using my own online music store as the basis for the training enabled to generate some useful insights while learning how to use the tools. Very much looking forward to the follow up session”

 Andrew M. Oliver, Arranged Musical Options

Through the investment of a few hours of your time every month online training can help you to grow your analytical skills and enable you to develop deeper insights into the performance of your business.  We achieve this by providing a training plan that is customised to your specific needs.

How it Works

We have attended enough analytics training courses to realise that the challenge is not learning the features, but using them. To ensure this is the case, we schedule short training sessions of up to 2 hours that focus on answering the most important questions you have about your business.

These questions might include: how can I improve the conversion rate of my website? Who are my most valuable customers, and how can I retain them? We identify these questions before each training session, and spend two hours showing you how to look for answers. As you learn how to use Google Analytics, you can gain important insights at the same time.