Google Rankings Are Not Enough

Google rankings aren’t forever

Looking after your Google rankings is important, but it isn’t enough.

You may have had good rankings for years, but if you aren’t careful your SERPs are likely to slip.

Google often adopts and improves its secret weapon, its search engine. It does this to make sure that sites that rank highest do so because they are genuinely the best answer to their clients’ search queries.

With increased online competition rankings are increasingly reflecting things that customers want, not just technical sleights of hand that have allowed you to rank higher in the past.

Medic update is a game changer

Google’s August algorithm update (‘Medic’) is a game changer. They have raised the bar on just what they expect on a product page and if you don’t meet their baseline requirements they will just not list your page any more. We have had clients who have found that hundreds of pages are no longer listed and their rankings have suffered directly.

In order to just maintain your online sales you have to keep responding to Google’s prompts to improve the things that it thinks your customers want. We think this is just a hygiene factor these days and you need to do much more than that to survive and prosper.

There are two things to focus on

There are two things that are partially important:

  • You need a great functioning website that is easy to use and works well;
  • And you need to have thought about your competitive strategy so that when a potential client lands on your site it is obvious why they should buy from you rather than bouncing off to another site.

So you might need to broaden your focus.

The common denominator

The common denominator in all there of these constraints is this: you need to have a strong competitive offering. It is what Google is helping its clients identify and it is the only way prospects will stay on your site, or click the “Buy” button.

If this isn’t on your mind, it should be, because while taking care of your Google rankings is important, it just isn’t enough anymore.

We are here to help

Ecommerce Evolution Partners helps online businesses to get both their technology and their competitive offering right and aligned. It is the only approach that works today, if you want to prosper online.

If you want to chat about how this might affect you, please get in touch.

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