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We make money for our clients by promoting their most profitable products to their most profitable customers through the most effective channels. We measure everything we do, so they know the return they generate on their campaigns.

When you are a retailer, it is difficult to give online marketing the attention it needs. That is why our customers ask us to deliver a full range of services including pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimisation.

Why promote your business?

Some businesses become successful organically. As word about what they do spreads from customer to customer their sales grow. But, to be successful in the long term you need to be proactive, which means:

  • Promoting your products to people who have not heard about you, and
  • Keeping in touch with existing customers, so that they buy from you again and again.

It all sounds very straight forward, but the challenge is doing this profitably.

It costs time and money to reach out to customers and so it is vital to focus on the people who are most likely to buy from you.

In particular, the ones who buy your most profitable products.

What we do

We start each project by undertaking an Ecommerce Discovery Workshop, which enables us to develop a deep understanding of your business and why it has been successful.

We use this insight to develop a marketing plan that will:

  • Position your business to differentiate it from competitors.
  • Identify your most profitable customers and cost-effective marketing channels.
  • Describe the campaigns we need to grow your business.

We then setup the campaigns and monitor their performance. Improving their efficiency as we go, while providing you with concise feedback on performance.

How much do our services cost?

We work with companies with turnovers between £150k and £2.5 million and the costs depend on the numbers and types of campaigns we run.

Our goal is to make sure you make a good return on your investment after all your costs.  We never over-charge or offer unrealistically low prices “just to get work” because it rarely turns out well.

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