Ecommerce Website Development

Online retailing is very competitive, so you need an effective online store that captures the attention of online shoppers and wins their trust. That is why every website development we undertake is thoroughly researched and diligently implemented.

The performance of online stores degrades with time and we speak to many retailers who are frustrated by low sales, buggy implementations, and poor performance.

Problems should be dealt with when they occur, but few businesses have the resources they need to keep on top of all the issues. Eventually, there comes a time when the site and even the platform needs to be upgraded.

Updates are rarely welcome, but sometimes you have no other choice unless you want to watch your sales and traffic stagnate and decline.

How we transform businesses

We know what it takes to give your online business a new lease on life, because we have been designing and building ecommerce stores for more than 20 years.

We start each project with an Ecommerce Discovery Workshop, which enables us to develop a deep understanding of your business and why it has been successful.

This research enables use to develop a plan that will:

  • Position your business to differentiate it from competitors.
  • Identify how to develop your online store to maximise sales and conversion rates.
  • Determine what features you need to operate efficiently.
  • Promote your business using the most cost-effective channels.

Once we know how to make your business successful, we develop a specification that will ensure nothing gets lost in the transition. Including protecting your existing traffic sources and search engine rankings.

We then design and implement your online store based on this plan.

This way, you get what you want, and the project comes in on time and budget. Vitally, we measure the success of the project by how much it improves your bottom line.

What does it cost?

We work with companies with turnovers between £150k and £2.5 million and build sites in Shopify - one of the most secure and cost-effective platforms available. We never over-charge or offer unrealistically low prices “just to get work” because it rarely turns out well.

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