Inspiration for PPC success - a true story 😀

Phil Rothwell
I am a keen cyclist and a few years ago I decided the time had come to buy a carbon fibre road bike. The cost was around £3.5k, so some research was required.
On reviewing the details of my dream machine, I discovered that it was more than 4Kg lighter than my current bike - so I could go faster and look cooler!
Good news, but there were two problems:
1. I was around 10Kg overweight.
2. The moment I sat on the bike, it would cease to look cool.
So, I didn't buy the bike, I went on a diet.
As a result, I lost the 4.5Kg, was able to go faster and look (slightly) cooler. All without spending the £3.5k.
It just occurred to me that this is how I manage my clients' Google Ads campaigns. I always begin by improving the ROI by reducing the fat in the budget.
If you want to lose the fat off your ad spend, get in touch.
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