Why do people buy from YOU?

Why do people buy from YOU?

What will persuade her to buy from YOU? 

This is the second part of the process to develop your ecommerce business further. It is based on many years of working with growing businesses of all sorts and it forms the basis of our approach to working with any client. Even if you just want us to manage your pay per click marketing we will encourage you to think this way. It’s why we are a one-stop-shop for ecommerce.
To read part 1 click here. It tells you how to go about focusing on what makes you the most money, for which you will have some market advantage. So, this is our starting point. You have managed to get people to come to your site to buy something that has a good margin and, hopefully, gives you a good return on capital. The next bit of our process will set out how to make even more sales with an even better return on capital.
It is quite easy to get visitors to any site. It is much harder to get the right ones, those most likely to buy from you. It is often a challenge to stop them bouncing away and harder still to get them to part with their cash. These are the critical gates you need them to pass through to get more sales:

  1. You need to be very clear about who are most likely to buy your high margin products. While it may seem a rather simple idea, you need to know who they are and where they are likely to be online, so you can get their attention and attract the right visitor audience.
  2. Write copy, or develop a promotion, that is likely to be interesting to your target audience. This may be direct or indirect, the important thing is to get their attention. For instance, we once had a client selling school uniforms and we wrote blogs about things like ‘packed lunches your children will love’, and it worked.
  1. Once they click on a link to your site they MUST arrive on a page that they are expecting to see. If you are promising packed lunch info it must contain info about packed lunches. But now they are on your site you can also lay out your wares and encourage them to stay a while. Remember, they already have an interest in your products, you now have to persuade them that they should buy them from you.
  1. Make sure it is easy to navigate to your product pages from the landing page. Menu and link design is important. Think of your landing page as somewhere to place adverts for your product pages. Also make sure that the evidence of your credibility as a supplier of these products or services is prominent.
  1. You need to quickly establish your credibility as the best source of this product or service and you can do this in three ways:
    1. Professional and up-to-date design, content and functionality, with evidence of track record and expertise in these products.
    2. Customer validation from testimonials, ratings, and feedback of any sort.
    3. A guarantee helps too.
  1. Checkout must be flawless. It should be super easy to complete the transaction, with no back-end gotcha’s, like unreasonable delivery fees. If in doubt, look at Amazon, the world leaders in online order completion.

While all the above may seem obvious, we find that few online stores actually do it all well. They are the most successful ones. The thing is, you need all of it to work to drive sales. The better it flows the more money you will make. As a one-stop-shop for ecommerce we can help you with it all. Just get in touch.

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