Why YOU Need Advice…

Sorry, for the capitals in YOU – I’m not getting at you personally – the YOU is meant to be universal.

WE all need advice from time-to-time, or rather, we can all benefit from advice, but we don’t all recognise the need. Human beings seem to be hard-wired to learn from our mistakes – we call it experience – we like to try things and see how they go.

We are also very good at misunderstanding why the things we know little about seem so easy – it’s because we know nothing about them! If you are doing things you haven’t done before you are a novice and novices rarely do as well as experts at ANYTHING.

So, from watching many very successful business owners over the years here is the behaviour I have seen most often:

If you are doing something that is important to your business and you are a novice at it, GET HELP, from someone who is an expert. The cost of the advice is ALWAYS less than the cost of failure, or of limiting your success without it.

Phil and I are experts at ecommerce customer data analysis and using it to build great marketing strategies. So, if you need help with any of that get in touch. We’re here to help.

YES, I am trying sell you something, but that doesn’t make the above any less true.

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