Ana Wiz - Shopify Platform Migration

Sellerdeck to Shopify Migration

“EcomEvolve took care to ensure we understood what was happening throughout the project and responded to all the questions we had. It's been a great success!" Alan Pirgon, Ana Wiz

One of the biggest challenges of operating a successful ecommerce web site is knowing when to upgrade your platform. Making significant changes to your website always carries some risk. So, if your current platform is working “well enough”, then why bother?

Ana Wiz decided to make that change this year when they migrated their online store from Sellerdeck to Shopify. Over the past decade, their Sellerdeck site had performed well, enabling them to sell their popular range of medical products to healthcare professionals and new and expectant mums.

However, the design of their existing site was beginning to look dated and moving to a cloud platform would make the business easier to manage. So, it was decided to migrate to Shopify.

The key goals of the project were to:

  1. Retain the overall design and content of the existing website, giving it a more contemporary look and feel.
  2. Replicate the content and features of the current site and ensure it continued to integrate with the system used for renting products.
  3. Retain or improve the conversion rate.
  4. Retain the search engine rankings.

EcomEvolve were selected to migrate the website because of a combination of their technical knowhow and their intimate knowledge of Sellerdeck and Shopify.

The challenge

Website migrations are EcomEvolve’s “stock-in trade” and, to execute them well you need a expertise and experience of:

  1. The process of running an online business, which includes processing orders and supporting customers as well as creating and promoting website content.
  2. Data processing, which is needed to migrate the content from one platform to another, while fixing problems in the content that have been introduced during the lifetime of the existing website.
  3. A good understanding of search engine optimisation, to ensure current rankings are retained and improved. Knowing when to enhance content and when to leave it alone.
  4. The ability to monitor the performance of the site using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and third-party tools, such as Moz.

According to Alan Pirgon, EcomEvolve performed well in each of these key areas.

“One of the things we liked about working with EcomEvolve was that, in addition to their technical skills, they took care to ensure we understood what was happening throughout the duration of the project and responded to all the questions we had – doing additional research when required.”

“That meant we were involved in all of the key decisions and had a good understanding of the new site and the platform when it was launched,” he added.

“One thing I was particularly pleased about was that EcomEvolve were good at identifying problems that lay just outside the scope of the project and helped us to resolve them where this was needed.”

The outcome

Since launch, the site has more than achieved its goals. There were unexpected challenges along the way, including the migration of online reviews from Feefo to Loox, and these were all managed carefully.

When compared with the previous year, search traffic to the site has increased. So too has the ecommerce conversion rate and sales.

If you would like to find out more about how to migrate your website to a new platform, please contact EcomEvolve for a free consultation.

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