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Our Blueprint For Ecommerce

We’ll help you to grow your online sales by attracting more of the RIGHT PEOPLE to your web site, so they BOUNCE LESS and BUY MORE.

We combine traditional marketing methods with cutting edge online marketing, to help you sell more to your existing customers and find more just like them.

Using our BLUEPRINT FOR ECOMMERCE we can help make your business more successful in three steps:

  1. We analyse you business and identify the kinds of people and organisations who need your products and services.
  2. We identify the best ways to connect with these people and help you create marketing campaigns that attracts their attention.
  3. We then help you to develop great content that explains why you are better than your competitors and closes the deal.

    What we deliver

    • Analyse your website traffic and sales data so we can benchmark both your Marketing and Technology against the best.
    • Segment of your customers and sharpen-up how visitors think of you and your brand.
    • Help you to improve your customer focus and proposition.
    • Solve technology problems on your website that are damaging search engine visibility and limiting sales conversions.
    • Give you a bespoke reports showing your business performance on a daily basis.

      Target, engage and convert

      We help you to refocus the business, by combining the results of both the Marketing and Technology strands of work, so you can move forward, confidently, to stimulate growth.

      Or, put another way, we help you to TARGET people most likely to buy from you, get them to  ENGAGE with your web site, so they stay a while, and be confident enough in you and your offering to CONVERT them into customers. 

      Contact us for a Free Consultation

      Contact us for a Free Consultation