Next Steps: Develop Your Online Brand

Develop your brand

The most successful online businesses have great brands.

This didn't happen by accident. Brands are crafted over time. They evolve as the business grows but, if you get it right up-front, should never need fundamental change. However, a lot of online stores' brands are only partly formed and can be better shaped and positioned, making it easier to succeed.

We are experts in Retail Marketing and Branding for Online Stores and have helped people to build stronger businesses for 25 years. We also cover all the technical aspects of ecommerce, often building, migrating and supporting online retailers, but all we do is built on a firm foundation of marketing and brand clarity.

We start all our projects by making sure our clients get the basics right so they can put their best foot forward and be as successful as they can be.

Our Next Steps strategy and brand development consultancy can help you to refresh your online presence, build a stronger brand, and establish a firm foundation for sales growth. It includes the following, as standard:

  • Competitive Analysis - how strong you are compared to the competition.
  • Market Share - how much of the demand choose you, and why.
  • Customer Segmentation - how your customers can be best organised.
  • Brand Positioning - the best way to get people to think about your brand going forward.
  • Communication Paths - how to get noticed.
  • Messaging - the segment messages most likely to work.
  • Activity Plan - how best to action all of the above.

We can also include a Technical Best Practice Review, if required, which sets out how well your site is built, how it functions, and what could be done to improve it.

Prices start from £1.8K + VAT, or £2.5k + VAT with a Technical Best Practice Review.

Please contact us on 01932 450654 or use the form below.