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"The information that Phil provided led me to rethink my approach to Google Ads. The results have been very encouraging and in just a month or so he has greatly improved the return I am getting." Raffi Katz, Quicktest

For two few years I used an SEO company that insisted they were making me a profit; I was spending so much money on their services and getting so little back that I just couldn’t see where this ‘profit’ was; I didn’t understand the dozens of spreadsheets they kept sending me.

Then I switched to Phil. What a difference!

He sends a weekly report with very clear graphics that even I can understand;  he follows this up with a phone call during which we go into the detail;  he sets targets and decides on priorities and monitors progress. And now I can see that his SEO and Google Advertising really is making a profit. This is how it should be done!

The information that Phil provided has led me to rethink my approach to Google Ads and I asked Phil to help. The results have been dramatic and in just a month or so he has greatly improved the return I am getting on our campaigns. Phil works very transparently, showing me exactly what I get for my money.

When compared with the same period last year, we have increased sales by 86.6% and reduced the costs by 75%. We have also almost doubled the conversion rate and nearly tripled the average order value.

One of our campaigns had a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 42, which was really incredible and I would have never thought of the approach that Phil took to achieve this. This means that my advertising cost for these sales were less than 3%!

I not only have a reliable source of help and support for most of my ecommerce needs, but I now feel that I have a very competent online marketing company working for me and achieving excellent returns on the money I am spending on advertising online.

EcomEvolve market themselves as a one-stop-shop and they have proven themselves to be just that. I would happy recommend them to others as they are trustworthy, easy to work with, and provide a great return for what they cost.

Raffi Katz, Quicktest

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