Quicktest - Shopify platform migration

Shopify website migration

“It feels like we have become a whole new business.” Raffi Katz, Quicktest Scientific Limited

It is always a big decision to move to a new ecommerce platform, but it is one all online businesses have to make, from time to time.

Quicktest – the UK’s leading supplier of diamond testers and precious metal testers – had been running their online store on the Sellerdeck platform for several years.

"The impact of the upgrade was almost immediate. When compared with the previous period sales and conversion rates have increased by more than 35%."

Although they already had a well-established Sellerdeck website the design had begun to look dated and they needed a cloud-based platform.

 According to Quicktest MD, Raffi Katz an update was required.

“We reached the point where we wanted our brand and online store to be refreshed and we needed access to a larger range of marketing features.

“The time had also come to review our strapline to bring more focus to our expertise in, and long history of, developing our products.”

To solve the problem, Quicktest asked EcomEvolve to review their existing online business and build a new store in Shopify.

“EcomEvolve were the natural choice, because they had been helping us with our online more than 18 months and they were experts in Sellerdeck as well as Shopify.

“Their in-depth knowledge of both platforms meant that we could find answers to major technical challenges before the project started.” said Raffi.

 Clear brand messaging

During the first phase of the project EcomEvolve reviewed the company’s business and helped to develop a new strapline, that drew more attention to Quicktest’s core skills and achievements.

“Quicktest manufacture and resell some great products and the service they provide to customers is second to none. For example, they test and calibrate electronic testers before despatch

“We designed a new home page to bring these qualities to the fore and then migrated the products and worked with Raffi to streamline the navigation. ” said EcomEvolve CEO, Phil Rothwell.

 New features

One of the complexities of moving to a new online platform is that similar features on different platform, work in different ways. To solve this problem EcomEvolve did researched a number of different plugins before carefully choosing the most suitable.

“The devil is in the detail.” says Phil.

“Plugins are blessing but can also be a curse. We have found that by identifying the simplest solutions we can keep the complexity and cost to a minimum.

“Also, using Metafields we were also able to build our own solutions to problems where the plugins were just too clunky. The end result is that functionality works in exactly the way we want it to.

“And, because we are using Shopify, which has hundreds of plugins, we can access additional functionality whenever we need it.”

Google search and advertising

One of the key risk factors for the project was protecting Quicktest’s search engine rankings. EcomEvolve migrated a large number of articles and ensured that external and internal links were forwarded to the correct location on the new site.

Finally, after the new web site went live EcomEvolve, reimplemented Feefo reviews and reconfigured Google Merchant Center and Google Ads and brought the advertising back online.

A successful outcome

According to Raffi, Quicktest did not have to wait long before feeling the benefits of the new website.

“The impact of the upgrade was almost immediate. When compared with the previous period sales and conversion rates have increased by more than 35%.

“It feels like we have become a whole new business.”

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