Rebranding The King Kitchen

The King Kitchen Case Study

"Choosing a company with a broad skill base, that could cover all the bases – brand development, online store development, and online marketing - was a real benefit and it made this project so much easier." Martyn Walker, The King Kitchen.

The King Escalope Logo

In the face of a drop in demand due to Covid we were asked by Martyn Walker, owner of The King Escalope, to develop two new sites and refresh one current site. We encouraged him to do a Next Steps Review first which allowed us to focus on the problems and the best way forward for the business.

"It was very interesting and instructive to have experienced outsiders look at our business with fresh eyes. I’d recommend taking stock like this before any major investment. It gave us confidence to move forward and clarity about what we needed to do to rebuild sales." Martyn said.

We recommended making small but important changes to the branding and how the business was positioned. The brand moved from a strong product focus to a more generic positioning around the business' core strength, the management of an excellent commercial kitchen capable of producing high volume fresh cooked foods.

We also suggested that one site was all that was needed to address the three target markets, making use of strong landing pages. We then built and launched the site and set out how we thought it could be best marketed going forward.

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